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Make sure that you and your loved ones have the highest level of security at all times. The tips on this dedicated page are intended to help you with this. It is our goal to educate people on various aspects related to door locks, keys and other devices within the competence of locksmith professionals.

Get informed about the new systems

Even if you are not planning lock replacement any time soon, it's wise to have a talk with our professionals and discover what's new on the market in regard to security door locks and systems. It will be easier for you to compare what you have now with what's available out there and decide when it's a good time to make improvements.

Make sure the bolt is aligned

In order for deadbolts to lock well the bolt must come all the way out from the edge of the door and get inserted in the hole at the strike plate. If the bolt does not sit well in the strike plate, the door could open with a kick or by sliding a card. Don't take such risks, do the necessary lock repairs.

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